New Blog, New Start.

Inspiration. Motivation. Change.

I am excitedly anticipating this new Fall season! May it be the change we are all looking for! I hope to contribute inspiration by inviting you and all your friends to an  imaginative, colorful, enlightening escape from the daily grind.

Mark your calendar: Oct. 27th, 9pm-12am @ Tea Lounge 837 Union St (7th Ave.) Brooklyn, NY. Edith Corra and myself are representing DesignSpaceConcept by creating an art installation from our trademark UseRefuse up-cycled plastic and packaging.

DSC Art Installation info

The evening is only one out of many featuring 125 local and international artists participating in the Death-Rebirth-Freedom-Revelry Arts Festival. Rakel Terceño and José Villalón organized and masterminded the huge undertaking.

Death-Rebirth-Freedom-Revelry Arts Festival Calendar

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